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La mulți ani frate păstor Florin Cimpean! 

Ciprian I. Bârsan

Dumnezeu să vă binecuvânteze frate pastor! Harul Domnului să vină din belșug peste dumneavoastra!

La mulți ani alături de Domnul și de cei dragi!

Cu dragoste,

Ciprian Bârsan

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Norway Prime Minister Comments Publicly on the Bodnariu Case

Delight in Truth


For the first time since the Bodnariu children were confiscated by Barnevernet, prime minister Erna Solberg issued a statement in the form of a comment on her FB page. The comment is authentic since it contains the blue check mark issued by FB to personalities who have authenticated their high profile official FB accounts. She wrote in response to Bodnariu supporter Monika David:

“This is an ongoing police investegation on violence against children.”

It turns out that the prime minister got a lot more attention with her comment than she bargained for…

Hundreds of FB users have descended on the post with hundreds of comments and reactions explaining the ignorant and callous nature of the statement.

I left this comment:


Now we know a few things

  1. The PM is clearly aware of the Bodnariu case and the international uprising against her country
  2. The PM is watching the case
  3. The PM…

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Over 100 Human Rights Attorneys and Politicians Petition Norwegian Authorities on Behalf of the Bodnariu Family

As we approach a very important court date for the Bodnariu case, more than 100 human rights lawyers and lawmakers signed a petition addressed to Erna Solberg, Norway’s Prime Minister, reports christianpost.com. The petition is also addressed to Solveig Horne, a family welfare/social services minister.

Here is what christianpost.com reports:

More than 100 attorneys from the United States and abroad and members of the European Parliament wrote a letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister, saying the government’s act of seizing five children of a Christian family to “prevent” them from being “indoctrinated” with Christianity violates domestic and international law, and urging their immediate release.

The five children were “unlawfully” seized by the Norwegian Child Protective Services on Nov. 16 and 17 last year due to the “sincerely held Christian beliefs” of the parents…full article here



Cotidianul Chinez XINHUA despre cazul familiei BODNARIU – The Bodnariu family in the CHINESE Press

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Cotidianul Chinez XINHUA despre cazul familiei BODNARIU - The Bodnariu family in the CHINESE Press

~~ Cazul Bodnariu in presa chineza, articolul citeaza un avocat norvegian care critica sistemul

News Analysis: Norway’s child welfare service urged to heed cultural differences

OSLO, May 13 (Xinhua) — The recent global protests against Norway’s child welfare service for aggressively taking children from their parents, many of them of foreign origins, show the authorities should pay more attention to cultural differences and bring about fundamental changes, analysts said.

While the country’s child protection service, known as Barnevernet, and its supporters believe that the service is strictly oriented towards the protection of children’s rights, others claim it has been taking the children by force from their biological parents and thus breaking the human rights of the family members.


Psychologist Judith van der Weele, who has been working extensively with ethnic minority families in Norway, said it is a very big challenge for immigrant parents in Norway to show…

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Cele mai periculoase 10 locuri din lume pentru crestini

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10 most dangerous countries to be a Christian Foto StirileProTV

Potrivit express.co.uk, cele mai periculoase 10 locuri din lume pentru crestini sunt: Coreea de Nord, Irak, Eritrea, Afganistan, Siria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Iran si Libia.

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