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Saturday, April 16, 2016 is a crucial day for the Bodnariu case. The Romanian community, and not only, is mobilized to peacefully express support for the Bodnariu family and protest against the abusive practices of Barnevernet  in different locations across the world and around the clock.

According to unconfirmed information from the coordinators of this worldwide protest, there are 26 protests in USA and Canada, 20 in Europe, a minimum of 10 in Romania, 3 in Australia, 5 in Norway and one in New Zeeland.

One of the largest protests will be organized in Chicago at the famous Daley Plaza  starting at 10:00AM. People are encouraged to be there on time and cooperate with their local church for signs and coordination. Only signs made by the official maker will be allowed.

This will not be a silent protest. Music performed by a brass brand, a mass choir, youth and children choirs will fill the air, while different community and church leaders will deliver short speeches. The whole protest and other from around the world will be broadcasted live on CredoTV.

The picture bellow comes from here where you could find more information about the event in Chicago.

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