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New developments continue to surface in the Bodnariu case. Despite the speculation that the religious ground for Barnevernet actions was just a convenient invention by the family and its supporters, now courts documents reveal that the initial concerns and preoccupation of Norwegian authorities were with the Bible based parenting values. Peter Costea, a Houston based attorney who is part of the representation team,  is the source for a well written Christianpost.com article.

Samuel Smith, reporter for christianpost.com, writes:
“Court documents and meeting minutes indicate that the Norwegian government expressed concern with the faith of a Romanian Pentecostal family before their five children were removed from parental custody in November, an attorney close to the situation…” continue reading here.
This new information could mean more fuel for the passion of supporters for the Bible family values and Bodnariu family as plans are made for a marathon day of protests from Australia to America on April 16, 2016. Tens of thousands of people are expected  to attend to show their support to the family and protest against the abusive practices of Barnevernet.
Protest global, 16 Aprilie - 40 de zile de post și rugăciune / Global protest, April 16 - 40 days of fasting and prayer (bilingual)
(Photo source: bodnariufamily.org)

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