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According to Marius Reikeras, a Norwegian human rights activist and an outspoken advocate for the Bodnariu family, BBC, the premier UK news channel, is looking to investigate the Barnevernet abuses. This is great news.


Here is the entire facebook post:


“Fantastic news!

I believe we are facing a big breakthrough in our Human Rights fight in Norway.

I just received an email from BBC today where it is stated:

“…and I am planning to come to Norway the week after next – the week beginning February 22 – to make a long documentary report about Barnevernet, which I hope will have an impact around the world.”

We are thousands of people who are looking forward to see BBC coming to Norway around February 22.

I am positive that our Human Rights situation will be better with all this international attention.

And I hope BBC will make one of its best documentaries in history. And we will certainly help them:)”

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  1. Iulian Costea said:

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  2. Thanks , God! Nothing happens by mistake in this world, I think someone had to trigger the attention over Barnevernet and it started once the institution touched the Bodnariu’s children. We keep praying and imploring God to give wisdom to the right people and institutions for that big battle. We know it isn’t easy ,but possible .

  3. Great news. Thanks, God

  4. Partiet Folkets Rettigheter, Robert Steffensen, Sortland. said:

    BBC gjør det norske folk en stor tjeneste, ja, ikke bare for Norge, men for hele Europa. Familien er hellig i den Europiske kultur og må beskyttes med alle virkemiddel. Familiene er byggeklossene for selve samfunnet og må ikke røres av utro tjenere av noe samfunn.

  5. Great news!!!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! Please come and reveal barnevernet for what they are, evil!
    Sencerely, scared Norwegian citizen 😌

  7. Pls do smth against this injustice in Norway. Barnevernet is the legal kidnappers!

  8. If Reikerås is a part of this documentary it will all be an activist entertainment and not about how the CPS really works. Reikerås will only use the Bodnariu family, you romenians, you christians, you real human rights activists as tools in his own agenda and neither you nor I have heard what he expects from this activism for he as a spokesman to change the CPS in Norway is zero. The CPS is in constant change as Norway as a whole is in change, but we have universities, specialists and scientists that togheter with the users are the right changemakers – not you – not Reikerås – not BBC. Reikerås is also a man that do not respect the freedom of speech. On his f.b. I was the only voice that could say someting that was’nt quite the same as the demo in words. He listened to the complains from his demo activists and got me blocked. So much for freedom of speech and Reikerås – a hypocrite with no respect for the rights of those who are in need of help from the CPS.

    • Milton Hanson said:

      As my Scandinavian mother used to say, “You are like a flying pan calling the tea kettle black.” The United Nations in 1946 when Trygve Lie was the Secretary General made a wonderful Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Norway and Barnernet have repeatedly violated several articles of that Declaration and subsequent declarations by the UN and other international organizations. That is a fact that has been stated in the social media repeatedly both before and after the Bodnariu travesty/fiasco. It is not a matter of opinion or nuance. I am an American of Norwegian heritage and in my home state of Minnesota we still tell jokes about Ole the dumb stubborn Norwegian. It’s not funny anymore.

    • Be gone Knut! You are obsolete!! 😀

  9. Best. news. Ever.

  10. good afternoon, is great news, I hope this research BCC also affects other children who were taken away for no apparent reason, my 2 children were taken the day 09/15/24.

  11. […] BBC has its attention on Barnevernet […]

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