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Norway was known by its Viking history and the panoramic majesty of its fjords. Even though poverty and epidemy marked its history, in the last decades Norway has become very prosperous due mainly to the immense oil resources in the Northern Sea. As a result, Norway has the highest capital reserves per capita in the world.

Another great industry is fishing, making Norway a great exporter of fish. The Norwegian smoked salmon is served in expensive restaurants around the world but also in more modest kitchens at home.
I must confess my own weakness for “Norwegian smoked salmon”.

Norway invented Barnevernet, this nazi agency by which the Viking kingdom kidnaps the children of pauper Norwegians and immigrants, for the state knows better how to rear them.

I began to think of  all the Norwegian salmon I consumed during the years and therefore, supporting indirectly the crazy Barnevernet. I began to feel sick to my stomach. Now, every time  I take a slice I develop a great case of indigestion. With every slice I contribute to the plight of the Bodnariu family.

I just discovered that Norwegian salmon combined with a dose of Barnevernet becomes poisonous. Barnevernet causes indigestion and makes one throw up. I am done with Norwegian smoked salmon!

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