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Marius Reikeras is a Norwegian. A Norwegian with common sense. He loves his country but he cannot stand the atrocities brought by Barnevernet on the Bodnariu family, and on any other family for that matter.



Hear his voice on this case on facebook and share it:



“Marius Bodnariu is not allowed to see neither his two sons, nor his two daughters. He can only see the baby. But in reality,he is given no time with his baby.

Only Ruth is allowed to see her sons, but neither she is allowed to see her daughters.

And her time with her sons, is limited to only a few hours per month, and under strict public surveilance

The eldest daughter has written a letter, where she clearly expresses that she misses both her parents and her siblings. As well as the rest of her family.

The siblings are split in three different foster homes.

And they live on secret adresses. Not even the Romanian government knows where they are.

The letter from the daughter, was tried to be kept secret by the public officials,and was not presented when the case was dealt with in the County Board.

I have only have one way to express this:

This is crime against humanity.

Thank you for sharing. These atrocities must be made known to the world”


Comments on: "Marius Reikeras: A Norwegian voice for the Bodnariu family" (1)

  1. We are trying to let the world know what is happening there. It is quite difficult. Many posts are taken down by Norway….Almost impossible to keep up. God Bless You!

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