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Dupa ce am adresat o scrisoare in favoarea familiei Bodnariu direct si personal Presedintelui si Premierului Romaniei, am trimis o scrisoare directa si autoritatilor norvegiene. Contunuam sa ne rugam pentru familie. “Cand ne rugam, Dumnezeu lucreaza”.
Photo credit: Cristina Moroshan: “This picture was taken by our brother, Marius, a man of many talents of his beautiful wife, Ruth with one of their babies! The title of the picture reads: ‘Love knows no limitations!'”
To Whom It May be Concern:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am writing to you regarding the case of the Barnevernet against the BODNARIU family. I respectfully ask you, the Norwegian governing authorities, to review and further look into the case of Marius and Ruth Bodnariu. As you hopefully know, the Barnevernet forcibly removed and placed into foster care the four oldest Bodnariu children (Eliana-9, Naomi-7, Matei-5, and Ioan-2) on Novemeber 16th and 3-month-old baby Ezekiel on Novemeber 17th.
I am respectfully asking on behalf of the Romanian communities in USA and CANADA and our churches, and for that matter, Romanians everywhere, to look into this case and provide evidence that stands on the grounds of United Nations charter for the protection of children. We are only asking that international norms are respected by a democratic country.
It seems that Barnevernet is a secretive agency that engages the methods of the secret police we once experienced in Romania. It also seems that Barnevernet is preying on immigrants that do not understand everything about the Norwegian culture and juridical system, and do not have the means and know-how to represent themselves or be represented in the court of law.
Until evidence to the contrary is provided, we believe  that this case is more and more a case of rampant discrimination against people of other ethnicities and against practicing Christians which seem to be treated in Norway worse than the criminals and terrorists.
At this point, we see a worldwide mobilization of people against the communist abuses of Barnevernet.
We are treasuring and loving our families, are loving our countries wherever we live and we stand for freedom, including freedom to worship and raise our families according to the Word of God.
We hope that you will grant your attention to this case.
We pray for the Bodnariu family and for all of you.
Merry Christmas,

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