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God’s Awesome Funds

How much is too much? Across history personal possessions were a sign of pride, success, social status, achievement, luck and of blessing. Moreover, there is a fundamental human need for personal possessions: as humans we need a roof, we need clothing, we need food and need provisions and things for our survival.

I believe the problem with the possessions is not “muchness” but attitude. If our focus is on acquiring as many possessions as we can then we are trapped in a never ending rat race of competition, greed, materialism, individualism and selfishness.

When it comes to possessions, “much” is a very loaded word. It is geographically, socially and politically conditioned. For a person living in utter poverty in a devastated country around the world, “too much” would be what a person living on the poverty threshold in USA possesses.

However, from a biblical perspective, for the people of God all our possessions are a result of God’s blessing and blessing is not accumulated but circulated. It is not kept, but given. It is not laid up on earth, but it is stored up in heaven.

Therefore, the question should be “what do we do with the “much” we have?” Christians are called to invest it in several divine funds. When we invested in God’s funds, even our “little” becomes much. Because, as Adrian Rogers put it so well: “a faith that hasn’t reached your wallet, probably hasn’t reached your heart.”

We become healed of our obsession with “muchness” when we invest in the Church Fund (Mal. 3:10) in order to support God’s House. We also need to invest in the Poor Fund (Prov. 28:27) when we open our hearts and pockets for the poor, the orphans, the helpless and the destitute of the world. We have a mandate to invest our possessions in the Global Fund (2Cor. 9:11-15) in order to fulfill the Great Commission by the taking the gospel to the last soul on earth. We cannot ignore the Growth Fund (Prov. 10:15) because, in order to handle possession biblically we need to grow spiritually as individual Christians and as Christian families. Finally, we need to invest in the Future Fund because as responsible Christians we must be good stewards of God’s blessings and plan for our future. When we focus on giving we will soon discover that money is a great servant, but if we desperately attempt to keep our possession we discover that money is a terrible master.

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